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Photo Booth


Our open concept, green screen photo booth with props is a great way to entertain your guests and give them something to remember you by. We can accommodate larger groups and allow for a greater variety of poses. We definitely bring the fun!


Our photo booth service includes:

  • professional photo booth operator(s)
  • unlimited visits and prints for the duration of the event
  • CD of all the images, burned on site
  • custom designed 4X6 layout with text, pictures, and graphics
  • use of fun props (masks, hats, wigs, glasses, and more!)
  • green screen special effects with choice of digital backgrounds
  • online photo gallery
  • album of duplicate prints*

*for weddings, birthdays and other events that honor someone specific


Our set-up consists of:

  • a green screen draped and secured on a piped and drape assembly measuring 6′ to 8′ wide*
  • one 6′ folding table with drape to house lighting equipment, camera, and printer
  • a second 6′ table with drape to display props

* double width green screen assembly available upon request

We require access to one standard size electrical outlet. Our equipment draws about as much power as a small home office. Our equipment table sets up opposite the green screen. It keeps cords and light stands neat and out of the way so guest don’t trip. The photographer stands behind it to photograph your guests. The props table is most often set up perpendicular to the equipment table to form an “L” shape. Depending on the available space at your venue, this table may be set up differently or replaced by available display areas. This set up works best in an area about 10′ by 10′ in a corner or along a stretch of wall. In a home, a formal living area, office, dining room, or even garage has worked well for us.


In order to ensure the highest level of efficiency and customer service at big events, we provide not only a photographer to operate the booth, but also an assistant to help set up, maintain props, keep traffic running smoothly, and make sure everyone gets their copies. We also understand that sometimes smaller events with tighter budgets may not need an assistant or may be able to provide a volunteer to do this job. This is often the case for events like school carnivals where PTA members volunteer to help. Below are pricing schedules for each situation.* Sales Tax not inlcuded.

Operator & Assistant
Event Type 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours
business $395 $495 $595
wedding or quinceanera $395 $495 $595
private party $350 $450 $550
school or military $325 $425 $525
church or non-profit $300 $400 $500
Operator Only
Event Type 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours
business $295 $395 $495
private party $295 $375 $450
school or military $275 $325 $375
church or non-profit $275 $325 $375

*These prices represent typical quotes for each type of event. If your event requires travel outside San Antonio or a modification of our regular services to better suit your unique needs, your quote may be different. Please fill out our Quote Form to get an exact quote for your event.


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