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Hashtag Printing


Ever been at an event where there’s lots of people snapping photos on their phone? You’re thinking “It would be so cool to see all the photos everyone took. I wish there was a way to get them all in one spot.” There is. Welcome to hashtag printing.

Here’s how it works:

  • You create a unique hashtag for your event.
  • Our hashtag monitoring software* scans Instagram or Twitter for posted during your event and tagged with your hashtag.
  • Photos posted with your hashtag are collected and saved in real time.
  • We generate new images that feature the posted photo along with the user’s profile picture, name, and captions.
  • Our on-site high speed printer prints 4×6 copies of the posts.
  • A copy of each print is placed in an album for you.
  • Additional copies are printed for your guests to pick up at their leisure.
  • AT the end of your event, you receive the album and a disc of all the posted photos.

*Requires on-site internet access.


Hashtag Printing
2 hours $225
3 hours $325
4 hours $425

These prices represent typical quotes for each type of event. If your event requires travel outside San Antonio or a modification of our regular services to better suit your unique needs, your quote may be different. Please fill out our Quote Form to get an exact quote for your event.

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