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Photo Box is fun.

Most people get camera shy when the photos are serious, but our photo booths get everybody smiling with our zany props and fun backgrounds. Plus, since we operate outside the traditional little Johnny-on-the-spot boxes, we are fun to watch!

Photo Box is for everybody.

Friends, family, employees, clients, kids, adults. Everybody from high school seniors to senior citizens loves us! We’ve had all of those people in our booths. And all of them left smiling.

Photo Box brings people together.

Our photo booths are more than entertainment; they are a chance to for people to connect by posing together in the photo booth. Our booths are open and work great with groups. If you want all the bridesmaids, accounting team, or prom court to fit in a fun picture together, book our photo booth!

Photo Box makes sure your guests remember you.

Because we offer unlimited prints on site, every guest receives a copy of every photo he or she poses for. Event photography is great for use in telling the story of your event afterwards. But those images are usually either not intended for guests, or not easily available to them. Make sure you’re not the only one who remembers your event: Book our photo booth!

Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015